work in progress

Hunting the posthuman

"The succeeding experiences and sensations do not >>bring nearer<< nor do not >>carry away<< .... If in a life organized in that way something accumulates and gathers, these are mainly, or perhaps uniquely, remembrances of following experiences and sensations" .

These notions of Zygmunt Bauman, a philosopher, reflect the narration of the video cycle "From the Vj Video Diary", which makes a collection of my notes made from 2001. On Digital 8 tapes there are recordings from successively visited countries and cities: Chicago, Berlin, Yusno Sachalinsk, Moldavia, Kiev, Sopot etc. I arrange particular recordings/sensations in loop's collections, and use them during my Vj's performances, or I edit it into independent video wholes. All this will be on o DVD disc edited in a form of an open interactive memory matrix, externalized as an audiovisual structure located together with the TV news from "the past".

/Piotr Wyrzykowski, Kiev, 27.03.2002/