We have spend around 10 days in the flat fields of Moldova.
On the place of archeological excavations of the former Tatar city.
The story of that days has change my life
and push me to create this project.
On the first day after arriving in the middle of nowhere
we have been introduce to our security.
The organizers of the exhibition decide to hire two policeman
to protect us and equipment.
This was a little bit strange
because there was nobody around,
to the nearest village was about an hour walk distance.
Even more unexpected for all of invited artist
was to recognize that our guards are wearing real guns
- the Baikal and Makarov.
The words that I have learned properly later.
On the very first night after
the meeting party in the deep dark night
one of the securities
decide to point at my head with the gun.
We were standing like that for about half of an hour.
I was terrified, he seems to have a good time.
He keeps asking me stupid question like:
am I ready to die, what do I feel in this moment etc.
The questions which start rising in my mind were:
why one has a right to decide about some one ales life?
Why some people are aloud to where guns?
Who and why has a permission to give the license to kill?