We live in times of immense scientific and technological progress which creates new conditions for our contacts with the world. We receive direct transmissions from the surface of the Moon and Mars, or ocean depths. When something happens in one area of the world, after few minutes it’s already on our screens. Technology continues to change the world, and - although many things came to pass, it is not the end of the whole run: transformations will get even more fast-paced. Today, it’s impossible to predict the shape of our reality within 20 or 30 years from now, when you would be in your prime, with your generation creating new life conditions on this planet.
These transformations exert enormous influence on human psychology, mentality and physiology; they also put their pressure on human bodies and interrelationships. As regards personal life: likes and dislikes, habits and longings, we are not the same kind of beings as our parents.
The changes were so overwhelming and complex that many of you, without being aware of the process of transformation, attained cyborg status.
Research conducted by CUKT (Central Technical Culture Office) on representative segment of young people, proves that the aforementioned transformation influenced 55% of our society.
Changes refer to various sources of conflict, but they are most distinct in the area of human behaviour and sexual life. Modern advanced societies moved away from the laws of nature long time ago, while presently they continue to reshape their habits and behaviours. But, where do the transformative tracts lead us?
Human sexual life has not always been joyful and approved of. There were times, when the matters of sex were considered to be indecent, sinful, “Devil-baited”. Throughout human culture, Satan represented supreme evil, eternally opposing God and his son, Jesus Christ. Such words as “impurity” or “sin” are not easy to define; they seem even harder to comprehend when faced by those growing up and living in technical culture system which could be characterized by “ (...) objectivity, professionalism, standardization. Technical culture functions on the level of mathematics and is based on the idea of convertibility of everything into digits”. 1
We will not longer ponder upon these archaic terms. It’s enough to say that sexual activity has been for ages blocked by innumerable bans, and the ideal solution was to exclude it altogether. That was the ideal of Medieval asceticism, that’s also the notion behind the “warriors of God” image. Only “abstinence” remained an active idea in our times, but it largely concerns body and its biological functions. The good name of erotic life itself was rehabilitated. Today, it’s agreed upon that sex may be beautiful, profound and unique source of knowledge, progress and happiness.
Thinking of your future happiness today, we want every one of you to experience it, to use it wisely and most efficiently according to your respective abilities. This way, everyone’s sexual life could become joyful and full of satisfaction. That’s what we call the rehabilitation of eroticism. This beautiful current in the sea of technical culture is a source of positive change, and hope for the future.
You are inspired by an “immaterial elevation of cyberspace”2. After all, human body is only meat. You cyborgs are able to cross the border left unexplored by humanity in a transgressive act that remains unreachable for regular human beings. It also entails extra-corporeal projection and random shaping of one’s formal aspect, setting free from ages-old beauty standards and limitations imposed by cheap industrial personality and sex software.
It is up to you whether you’d be able to feel erotic beauty in the future, love and be loved, where sexual life elevates you to the level of Matrix and “I” software becomes amorphous and omnipresent, an endless multiplicity of solutions and versions.
You should know a lot to wisely set up your own emotional life. It’s not true that one can survive without this kind of knowledge. Research proves that even animals have to learn forms of sexual behaviour. The same rule applies to cyborg, as well as human being.
Here, your first experiences and observations are essential. This is also the purpose of “The Cyborg Sex Manual” software. This is
the start-up disc for your emotional and erotic life, an information pool that would allow you to start gathering your own experiences and build personal behavioural database.
Among living creatures, the human attained the highest level of development. Even though human built intelligent machines and conquered interstellar space, it's prone to be dependent on the same bio-laws as its relatively close cousin, gorilla, and extremely different species of snail.
Laws of biology regulate basic functions of organism. These are the functions that decide both on the life-support of a separate entity, and on permanence of the whole species.
It's entirely different among cyborgs. Your linkage with the nature laws, along with their strong influence, becomes disconnected.
"Something which could not be measured, either does not exist, or has no value whatsoever. There is no aspect of human relations, which is not susceptible to pressures of technology and scrutinizing eye of an expert". 3 Your biology and psychic life depend on the same rules as every other phenomenon of technical culture.
"Efficiency is the aim of the technical culture, while economy is its mechanism. The most efficient economy means looking at people as market factors. The idea of technical culture society could be best conveyed by people submitting to technology; human life is cheaper than those of their machines”.4
Your basic instincts: hunger, self-preservation and species sustain, are substantially different than those belonging to the human being, which is naturally closer to the animal world. Your reactions are linked with the laws of economy, efficiency and demand. When something is destroyed, it is exchanged for new, perfect version. When the efficiency raises, the given device, which caused this quantitative shift, becomes duplicated and stays on its level of functioning. It is really hard to precisely define the background of these differences and fluctuations. The research was begun and we miss scientifically confirmed results. We would not like to deceive you.
The basic difference between humans and cyborgs regarding basic instincts is the level of psychic life and resulting sense of belonging to a precisely defined generation, along with its inherent goals and means of their accomplishment. Your species-preservation instinct, according to which new people are being born incessantly, while the humankind has no fear of extinction, was replaced by an instinct of individual being submissive to a system, or generation. Preservation of species is no longer an individual’s task. It results from mass, absolute obedience of an individual entity to a generation. Singular identity is being disposed of in the name of compatibility with a system, becoming global organism, which is a guarantee of omnipotence and immortality of a single cell and a whole society.
Melting with Matrix does not mean the regress of individuality, but is a guarantee of storing individual preferences on “an indestructible disc of technical reality”.
“Control sexuality and you will master everything”! 5
Sexual instinct is extremely powerful. It resembles new generation of processors: beautiful, entrancing and full of might. The information processed by its circuits becomes the source of knowledge, while knowledge becomes power. But when processor makes a mistake, the whole system is stalled and unsaved data are lost.
It’s the same with sexual instinct. Love, which is the product of this instinct, can be a source of creation, transgression, sacrifice. Unfortunately, sexual instinct sometimes escapes from the control of reason, bringing spoils, misfortunes and destruction. The cause of numerous problems and tragedies of human life was always “an impossility of coping” with sexual drive.
People have congested stomach and genitals
their brain has the same amount of blood
as bull's milk 6
Satisfying sexual drive is not exclusively a personal matter. The reasons are not only economic. There is something which could be termed as sexual culture. There are (even among cyborgs) specimens which satisfy their sexual instincts without caring for the consequences of their deeds. One cannot act intuitively, or outreach the controlling reason, while satisfying one's sexual appetite. Sex life is in principle everybody's vital business. You are not allowed to do anything which could be considered harmful to your partner. It would decrease the other's efficiency, threatening the whole system.
Hence, we came to the very beginning of "The Cyborg Sex Manual" software. We respect your right, or maybe even a duty, to get all necessary informations on the topic. Emotional affairs could, and at some developmental stage should, arouse your interest.
We want you to get this informations directly from the Central Technical Culture Office (CTCO), which is going to present them in a scientific manner. We want to give you only thoroughly researched data, because we believe that you are going to use them wisely.
Many life mistakes result from lack of proper knowledge. That's why, explaining basic problems, we think that hopefully we're going to enrich your emotional reactions and prevent many of you from doing harm to the others.
We don't know you, user of the software, we have no idea who you are. It's very important, because the registers on which you address the mature specimen, a boy, or a child who may use this CD-ROM, are all different.
That's why it was not easy to work on this software. We wait for your comments and evaluations. Tell us what was comprehensible and what wasn't, which formulations you don't agree with, and so on. If you could write to us about all that, maybe we could come up with the better and more complete version of this manual.
While using this software, you are going to watch a couple of characters that were created for the purpose of this project. They are at your disposal. You can follow them from different points of view and at various moments. Imitate them. Almost every scene allows you to move higher or lower, to the left or to the right, discovering the bodily details of our characters and their positions. The exclusions from the rule are spots located on the highest and lowest extremities of the sphere you move on, that contains the image of the observed couple. In each of your navigation points, certain sentences will be displayed. They would constitute your personal complex database.
It would not solve all your problems - they are too difficult and complex. We want this software to function as an introduction. We advise you to go back to the software now and then. Every time, it's going to start in a different, randomly selected field, while the sentences on display would be differently linked and comprehended by its user in a new context.
As experts, we know how many mistakes result from the lack of knowledge.
The biggest problems are of technical nature and result from improper information. 7
A. Janczewski and J. Zmijewski remixed by Peter Style, Gypsy Hill 02/01/1999.
Consulting by Dr A. Kudlatz
          3D animation by Ewert

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translation: Jacek Staniszewski