" David EveryBody Confession. "

I might say that I am in a state of obsessive fetishism. New technologies introduced into my life make me feel a kind of narcissistic narcotic sleep. I do my best to endow my devices with powers far excessive of their actual application. And the narcissistic identification with the power of my machines proves that I an an cyborg. As one after another the creation of technical culture expands my abilities and lets me transcend my physical limitations and I feel stimulated to try to extend my body in the best possible way. Without these extensions I feel handicapped and unsuitable for the demands of modernity. This is probably a sane not a pathological approach. It suggests that I am able to integrate the devices with my fluid identity or even with my body. I believe that technology is a guarantee of immortality at least at the level of my hypermedia file in ROM. I come alive each time some random user of the global computer system hits my pages. I stand naked before him, imaging myself on huge Sony screen, a young and beautiful King with no particular kingdom. - I am no longer myself. I'm not a person. - Then who are you?, the user will ask. - I am a Matrix. I'm a Corporation. You see only the data I generate. You can't look at my face. It is not flesh, it is information. - And what do you get out of it?, the user will laugh. - Nothing. Everything. I am the sum of my actions, a whole performance. I can't imagine what I'll become. - Then what did you gain? How are thing different now? Do you rule the world? Like God? - Things are no different. Things are things and God, like everything, is information. There is nothing to rule. - So what do you do? - I simply here. What could be more exciting for the mind than uncertainty where it is in respect to its body. I live for the non material elevation of cyberspace. My body is dissolving in a functioning programme with name "I". It is dissolving in my activity. There is no body. There is no rules. There is no personality.

William Gibson & Derrick de Kerckhove remixed by Peter Style, Gypsy Hill, 1998.

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