In „There is No Body" project there are two spaces, virtual and sensed (real). They are the same dimensions and their coordinate systems have  one to one correspondence. There is another  important factor namely a „human" figure standing in virtual reality is visible and the same figure in  „real" reality is invisible but present. And through this body without flesh a user can extend her/his body, reach the unreachable. As I said  the virtual space has a 3D model of the virtual artist’s body located in the center of the space. In the real time the rendered model of life size is projected from four views onto corresponding screens situated around the sensed space. A participant enters the sensed space and his/her movements are sampled on the XY plane.  The leading movements of the participant are made active and sampled until it makes contact with the virtual body's coordinates.  The contact areas are then bound to each other and further movements of the sensed area translate the bound points on the virtual body. When the active sample area reaches the boundaries of the sensed space, the manipulated points of the virtual body are slowly returned to their original shape.